Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dreamin' About All Them Tools

I hate malls. I think these consumer palaces are responsible, besides the big box stores, in destroying or at least eliminating every single Mom & Pop store there is, or bettter there was.  
So normally I just tag along with my cameras, always trying to find something to shoot.

Well this was just to precious, this senior taking a nap in front of the Sears store, not at least bothered by the people meandering and rummaging around him. He probably hates malls as much as I do. Or he may have had a tool overload (as in a sugar overload) that mad him take a nap and dream about all the tools he could buy and take home to do his projects.

Daily Life. Sleep and dream well.

This shot and other photography of mine are available through Dispatch Press Images for publication.

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