Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Ten Gallon Hat

Getting a new hat is a ritual - not only the size matters, but the shape, the wideness of the brim, the height of the crown.

Did you know that a ten gallon hat is big enough to hold ten gallons of water for your horse, is nothing but a myth.

It's a word mix-up. As so many things cowboy (vaquero), its origin is Spanish. Galón means braid translated to English and a huge hat with a big crown can adorn more than one braid. So if it's a ten braided hat - it's a ten galón hat. Developed from the Sombrero (literally shadow giver), hats with a big brim to cover neck and part of the face are common for horsemen in sunny climates and came to the Southwestern US states via Mexico.
But the whole hat wearing thing can even be traced back into Asia, where the Mongolian horsemen were the first ones to wear something that years later evolved into a cowboy hat.
Popularized in the US during the 20's and 30's with the B movies and the protagonista, the singing cowboys wearing cowboy hats, they became a cultural phenomenon, that emerges and re-emerges to the "general" consumer in cycles like every fashion thing does.
Only the people that still work out there in the sun, look at it as relief from the sun and mostly as a needed utensil.

This shot and others are available for publication through Dispatch Press Images, a photo agency.

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